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David’s commitment to quality and coaching!

As many as a dozen times a week,  I receive a call or an email from someone that “wants to start a clothing line”. 

What I need to do in order to in order to make sure I am spending my time as carefully as possible is to extract the details. Everyone believes that they have an amazing idea.  I have never had an inquiry that started off “I know I will never be able to sell these but…… As the process is kind of like dating, I want to find out what you want to create, how you are going to market & sell the product, do you have a realistic goal for what can be accomplished with the time and money that you have at your disposal?  There are literally dozens of factors that should be if not taken into consideration, should be heard before risking your time & money.  If I agree to work with you, you will have my commitment that to that to the extreme best of my ability I will help you navigate through the obstacles that you will undoubtedly face.

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