Who is UPTICK?

Uptick Apparel is a fully custom, 100% Canadian owned and operated clothing and apparel manufacturer.  Since Uptick’s inception in 2004 they have focused on the startup entrepreneur genre often unserved due to smaller budgets and quantities. Uptick can create one branded item or 80,000 pieces, a customized clothing line or a regular Gilden t-shirt with your logo on it. David Wolfe owner and operator of Uptick has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing that has allowed him to coach his clients, and work in an agile manner to get them the service and end product they want in time and under budget!  

David firmly believes that there is one way to manufacture clothing, and that is the better, “right way” the first time.  In an industry where there are no do overs once fabrics have been cut and sewn, it requires the homework to be done before production begins. David also says “From my years supplying to The Gap Inc. and other major retailers over the years, a huge lesson was “Quality cannot be inspected into a garment!”